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Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Triceratops Games is focused on creating great games that we would play. We are lifelong gamers who have designed games for years and have deep experience in bringing products to market in many fields.

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3 Pillars: Fun. Strategy. Together.


We are serious gamers, no doubt. But we truly want games to be fun, and for everyone that plays to enjoy their time. What's the point of a game company, otherwise?


Expect to make choices and think through your decisions. Sure, there is randomness from the shuffle or the roll, but the core of our games will involve your gray matter more.


Being together and connecting in an engaging way brings us joy, and we hope to share that with you.

Our first game is Journey Adventure Quest (JAQ).

The Kickstarter campaign launched at noon on 6/8/2022. There are 5 years of design and hundreds of pregressive play tests behind it. Because this is our first Kickstarter, we made sure to work with experienced partners: Funagain, Oniro, Dice Tower, Rahdo, Game Boy Geek, Board Game Geek, and many others. We have worked with manufacturers and are prepared to go into production weeks after our campaign makes.


We plan on using the brand recognition generated in the JAQ campaign as a springboard for several future projects. We have several JAQ expansions planned and are in various stages of design. We also have 3 other games that have been playtested, and a half dozen more than are in early design stages.


Designed and ready 


  •  Ready to manufacture 

  •  Ready for shipping and fulfillment 

  •  Ready for distribution and retail

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Jesse loves playing games. From the board game table to the basketball court, he has a passion for game design and mechanics


Tommy is a long-time board game enthusiast turned game designer. When not playing games, he enjoys programming and running.


Brandon tried being a programmer and a lawyer, but until he discovered game design he never knew what he wanted to be when he grew up.

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