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Welcome, heroes! Gear up for Adventures and monsters in this card drafting strategy game. 1 to 6 players will search from dawn to dusk to level up while defeating the evolving monsters (and win their loot), complete personal Adventures, and achieve greatness in finishing Quests.

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Solo mode

  1. Set up the game as if you were playing a standard 2-player game, and use the 2-player rules except as modified below

  2. Include the shuffled Crimson Knight deck

  3. The Crimson Knight keeps all 5 Adventure cards

  1. You (the Hero) always go first

  2. On the Knight's turn, flip the top Knight card; he receives the effects/items at the top

  3. In the direction of the arrow, pick the first card that matches the first indicated card type; if none exist, try the second; then the third; finally, if none match, take the first card

  4. Each turn the Knight plays, draw a new Knight card

  5. The Knight fights the Monster just like a normal opponent would, counting Attributes and discarding tokens afterward; the Knight competes for Loot

  6. After fighting the Monster, reshuffle the entire Knight deck to reset it for the next round

  1. Score as normal, plus the Knight can score ALL 5 Adventures if he completes them

Recommendation: Embrace variant and house rules

When we at Triceratops play JAQ, we almost almost embrace two of the "variant" rules from the rulebook.

  1. We ALWAYS play with loot, even though that is technically a "competitive" mode and we may remove the other competitive cards.

  2. We almost always play in "chaos mode," which means we put all the cards in the deck. This is not as statistically even, but it does in crease variability in play AND make setup and tear down significantly easier

Clarifications and rule corrections

Q: What do the dots in the bottom right of Journey cards indicate?

A: The dots indicate the minimum number of players needed to use the card. If a card has 4 dots, that means it should be used when there are 4 or more players. (Any language in the rulebook that suggests otherwise is incorrect and will be fixed in future editions.)


Q: Heat Magnet - Quest Cards 701 and 726 - misprint?

A: Both Heat Magnet quest cards should not have any dots. This was a printing error, and they should be used for all player counts.

Thank you  to Steve Cohn for finding this.  

Q: What is the purpose of the nine blank extra cards included in the box?

A: The package containing the nine extra cards actually consists of divider cards that serve various purposes. They are specifically designed to assist you in organizing your cards based on different criteria. One way to utilize them is by separating the cards according to player count, ensuring a neat storage solution for the game. Moreover, if desired, these divider cards can help differentiate between competitive and non-competitive cards.

Please note that these divider cards are not essential for gameplay and can be disregarded if you prefer. They have been included to provide additional flexibility in organizing your game components according to your preferences.

Q: A Thousand Cuts - meaning.

A: At the conclusion of the game, count the number of blood tokens you have accumulated. This quest can, in some cases, shift the game's focus away from solely healing blood. Moreover, in competitive mode, we have discovered that balancing the pursuit of the most blood tokens adds an exciting and enjoyable element to the game.

Thank you Jessica and Steve Cohn


Q:  Bloody Mess - meaning.

A: At the end of the game, count the number of cards collected during the game that have a blood cost. This mechanic serves as an incentive to strategically choose cards that grant blood and consider the impact of their cost on achieving overall victory.

Thank you Jessica and Steve Cohn

Q:  When to flip the navigation token .

A:  The Navigation Token is to be flipped at the end of Journey 1, and again at the end of Journey 2.


Thank you Ryan and Steve Cohn

ROUND TRACKER 01 (1).png
ROUND TRACKER 02 (1).png

Q:  Where are the Quest cards in the scorepad?

A: Victory tokens can be acquired or distributed when addressing the Quest cards at the conclusion of the game. At that juncture, you can simply tally them together with the other victory tokens on the score pad. This approach was a topic of discussion during the development of the score pad, and we ultimately reached a consensus. That being said, both others and ourselves concur that manually writing a 'Q' on the blank space works exceptionally well. :)

Thank you  Steve Cohn

Q: When battling the monster, do heroes with negative shield stats suffer the monster's full attack in addition to the penalty from their negative stats?

A:  Under official rules, a hero's shield never goes below zero; they only suffer the monster's full attack damage. But you're welcome to add a house rule where negative stats lead to extra blood gain.

Thank you  Matt Stone

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