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Available now

JAQ is available for purchase here. Please tell your local game store how cool it would be for them to stock it, too. 
Journey Adventure Quest - How to Play with Tarrant and Stella

Journey Adventure Quest - How to Play with Tarrant and Stella

Draft, set collect your and play your cards at the right time! Stella Jahja & Tarrant Falcke (of Meeple University) give you the full and concise rules for Journey Adventure Quest or JAQ board game in The Dice Tower How to Play video series. Game is coming to crowdfunding. Check out Journey Adventure Quest board game project page here - INDEX 00:00 Start 00:43 Game appraisal 01:26 Game setup 03:16 Overview 06:56 Playing cards 11:29 Monsters 13:09 End game 15:20 2-Player game BGG Link: Our The Dice Tower "How to Play" - Our The Dice Tower Playthrough - Support The Dice Tower at Support the channel by becoming a member! Subscribe to our newsletter, "The Dice Tower Digest": Check out the friendliest conventions on Earth! Dice Tower Cruise - (JANUARY 15-21, 2023) Dice Tower West - (March 8 - 12, 2023) Dice Tower East - (July 5-9, 2023) Dice Tower Retreat - (September 14-18, 2022) Buy great games at Find more reviews and videos at Get a great game table here! #JourneyAdventureQuest #MeepleUniversity #boardgame
Journey Adventure Quest - Stella's Short and Sweet

Journey Adventure Quest - Stella's Short and Sweet

Get super compact overview and vibe of Journey Adventure Quest board game in just a few minutes here in Stella's Short and Sweet. Check out Journey Adventure Quest board game project page here - NEW SHOP! Meeple University has a fun merchandise shop, where you can find stuff we talked about in live playthrough, our other videos, and just board game nerdy stuff in general! Check it our here - INDEX 00:00 Start 00:18 The theme 00:32 The details 00:41 The overview 03:17 Memorable moments Connect with Stella & Tarrant: YouTube - Instagram - Twitter - Twitch - Facebook - Meeple University Facebook Group - Website - We're also on The Dice Tower Network - By Meeple University - Tarrant Falcke and Stella Jahja Board Game Geek Link- Hi everyone! Stella & Tarrant here. Thanks for watching! If you could please help us like the video, subscribe and comments if you find it useful and will help others to find the video and seeing your comments. That would help us a lot. Small gesture (even thumbs down, thou we prefer up lol) would help us a lot. And if you comment, I'll try to get back to you soon, and it's usually Stella, about 98 percent hehe. Many thanks for your support. Love from Down Under 🥰🙏🦘 Game is provided by publisher. If you want your board games to be featured in Meeple University channel, email us with the rulebook at - or go here for more information - #meepleuniversity #boardgame #JourneyAdventureQuest
The core of JAQ is drafting and stacking cards to build attack, defense, and knowledge while avoiding blood damage. Heroes search from dawn to dusk for equipment and spells every day, and create sets crafted by different guilds, which is often vital to completing both Adventures and Quests. 
Gear up heroes for adventures and monsters in this drafting strategy game. You can choose a competitive mode with head-to-head challenges in quests, monster loot, and attack cards... or alternatively a non-competitive mode that retains the interaction and challenge... or a mixture.
Deal out cards
Heroes get an initial hand of 7 cards that they use to draft equipment, spells, or other items, and then paess along to the next hero. 
Search for equipment and spells

Each day, the heroes have 3 searches, and then 3 reveals, as they grow their equipment and spells through several expanding tableaus.  
Fight monsters and win loot

Every two days, the heroes fight progressively more powerful monsters, and compete for the monsters' loot. 
Throughout the game, heroes have secret personal adventures they are trying to achieve. While lounging in the inn at the end of the game, they reveal whether they were successful. Heroes need high-level spells and equipment, and sets created by mysterious guilds, in order to succ
Quests have heroes striving to excel in some area of expertise, such as attacking, defending; building high-level spells or equipment; or creating powerful sets of guild equipment. In competitive mode, you get more points depending on how well you do in head-to-head comparisons with other heroes; in non-competitive mode, you get points based on how well you do against a specified amount. 
The hero with the most points wins and regales all the land about their exploits!
JAQ is a fun game that offers several ways to win. It's easy to learn and hard to master.
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